As of 8 January 2020, my colleague Christin Dallmann and I have merged to form the partnership

Delaney Dallmann Legal Linguists Dolmetscher und ‹bersetzer Partnerschaftsgesellschaft

We will continue to provide all the same services under the new name


Welcome to Delaneytranslations

Delaneytranslations was set up by Richard Delaney in 2003 to provide accurate legal translations from German to English and English to German. In addition to translation work, I offer continuing professional development seminars for translators and lawyers, as well as expert opinions on translation matters.


By focusing exclusively on legal and business translations I can offer highly specialised translation and language services that are of uniformly high quality.


While everyone tries to save money, saving on the cost of translations can be false economy and lead to costly surprises. Particularly where legal and business documents are concerned, it is of vital importance that translations are accurate and encompass the entire meaning of the original text. An incorrect translation can omit parts of, or even change that meaning. Even where a translation may be factually correct, all too often it can sound clumsy and may convey a bad impression. I only work with a small and select group of translators, all of whom obtained both a legal qualification and an MA in Legal Translation. By employing native speakers of both languages I can ensure that our texts are not only accurate but also correspond to the style of the original insofar as this is appropriate.


An occasional blog can be found here