Expert Opinions

Occasionally it may become necessary to assess the quality of a translation. Either if there is some dispute between a client and a translator, or indeed if there is some dispute as to the actual content of the translation in question. Particularly in legal proceedings, the question of whether a translation accurately reflects all of the nuances and ambiguities of the source text, without having introduced any new ones, can be absolutely vital in correctly interpreting a text.
As an experienced marker both at City University London, and for the Chartered Institute of Linguists‘ Educational Trust’s Diploma in Translation, Richard is uniquely qualified to assess the quality of legal translations in the language combinations German – English; English – German. Moreover, as a barrister by training, he is fully aware of the requirements of objectivity and detached professionalism required in an expert opinion.
This expertise has also been recognised by admission as a certified member of the German Association of Professional Experts (DGSV).
DGSV - Deutscher Gutachter und Sachverstšndigen Verband