Many translators and translation companies are unwilling to put their rates on their websites, for fear that competitors might undercut them. I do not compete on price, as I cater to customers for whom quality is the main criterion.


Paul Neal "Red" Adair, perhaps the most famous oil well firefighter, is alleged to have said:  


"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, just wait until you hire an amateur"


There are numerous different ways of calculating rates, whether by the hour, by the page (a "standard page", which the European Commission's DG Translation defines as 1 500 typed characters not including spaces), by the "standard line", which tends to be defined as 55 characters including spaces, per 1,000 words, per word, etc.


Obviously there are a number of variables in price depending on the complexity of the text, the quality and format of the source text (a barely legible scan of a handwritten document is going to cost more to translate than a Word document of the same text, as there is likely to be a lot more work involved), the urgency, any additional costs (e.g. sealed and printed copies, apostilles, postage, etc.), so that a binding offer will only be made once the source text has been assessed and a delivery date agreed, and normally I would then offer a fixed sum for the project.


However, my rates are based on a calculation of £330 (365) per 1,000 words or £2.25 (2.50) per standard line of the target text.